Holistic Nutrition Services, LLC are for...

Individuals of all ages interested in learning

  •  How can I support my health and overall well being?
  •  What evidence-based holistic options match my individual health needs?
  •  How can I blend my holistic treatments into my allopathic care plan?
  •  How can I manage my odds of developing the top US health disorders using holistic modalities?


What HNS Does: Video consultation to assess a client's health and well-being goals. HNS educates clients at any age on evidence-based holistic health treatment options and resources. HNS provides ongoing treatment as needed to help clients implement their holistic health plan into their daily routines to optimize results.


What HNS Does NOT Do: HNS is not a medical professional, and therefore, does not give medical advice or diagnoses. HNS does not discuss dosages or recommendations for prescription medications or supplements. HNS does not make medical, therapy, or insurance referrals. HNS does not order medical or therapy equipment. HNS does not take insurance or Medicaid.


Consults are through the preferred video platform, VSee, that is accessible on computer and mobile devices and is HIPAA compliant. You may be prompted to download software or apps necessary to video chat from your device.

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