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Parenting Tip

Very often I hear, "My toddler has Selective hearing." This is common for the age because it is difficult for them to attend to multiple things at once, such as your voice and their toy.

To improve listening skills, get down on your child's level and get their eye contact. Then talk! Their attention to you will greatly increase.


Pandemic Baby or Red Flags of Autism?

All families have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Babies born after 2019 have less social interaction practice. Yet, most developmental skills continue to unfold at the expected milestone age markers pre-pandemic. How to tell if your baby just needs more practice opportunities or is showing early Red Flags of Autism being masked by limited social opportunities? Take the SoCo Checkup on Baby Navigator to learn what to watch for and how to help!

Food Allergies Can Cause Recurrent Ear Infections

"The most common food found to be associated was milk, egg, beans, citrus, and tomato. The elimination of the food diet led to a significant amelioration of the otitis. Therefore, all patients with recurrent otitis media with effusion should be investigated for food allergy."

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