Supporting development and holistic health goals can feel hard to navigate.                I'm here to help!  

Grow the skills to help your child

Learn individualized techniques to grow your child’s developmental skills and improve their holistic health using a tailored Whole Child approach. Feel confident the strategies you learn will balance evidence-based practice with parent intuitive wisdom. Expect to see quick positive changes!

Part-time Tutor, direct pay provider for FES-UA scholarship.

Grow the skills to help yourself

Learn techniques to grow your individual holistic health. Holistic nutrition supports all aspects of your well-being - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. These practices are steeped in ancient wisdom and supported by peer-reviewed literature. Book a session to learn HOW to regain the balance of feeling Well.

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Preconception – Pregnancy – Postpartum – Infant Development

Educators in the classroom: preschool, elementary, specials, special ed

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