Birth Boss 10 week online course

Be the Boss of your Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond!


Join a group of Mamas-to-be as we dive into the evidence surrounding hot topics of Pregnancy and Birth.

This course focuses on Informed Consent to review top questions surrounding birth:

-How can I best prepare my body to conceive/labor/deliver/nurse?

-How can I reduce the risk for developmental delays and health issues in my baby including ADHD, Autism, allergies, asthma, and more?

-How can I stay healthy? Does the vaccine schedule match my baby's health profile?

-Who should be on my birth team?

-How can I prevent interventions/tearing/trauma during birth? And manage pain safely before, during, and after birth?

-When do I speak up to advocate my needs and when do I trust the expertise of my team?

-How can I ensure breastfeeding success and postpartum care for myself? 


 You will leave this course EMPOWERED to create your own individualized plan and FLEXIBLE enough to flow when the plan changes.


You will find the balance between diving into the literature and following your innate intuition.


You will learn when to advocate for your needs and when to deeply trust the expertise of your team.


This class is for women in Preconception through Pregnancy.

Cost: $300. That's $30 per one hour class!

10 weekly classes online in a live small group via a video conferencing platform.

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